Fetch Photo Truck specializes in dogs that may be too shy, reactive, or that may have other restrictions that make taking photos in public challenging. The mobile studio is safe, private, and enclosed, so you do not have to worry about any other animals or people disrupting your dog’s photo shoot. I frequently work with dogs that need time to acclimate to the studio. I work with you and your dog to feel comfortable and relaxed to capture the best and most authentic portraits of them.

Do you work with challenging dogs?

Fetch Photo Truck is an 18-foot trailer with 7-foot ceilings with heating and air conditioning. Inside, the studio includes a stage with a soft platform for your dog to rest on. I use a signature black backdrop. All lighting is positioned above the platform for the photoshoot and is wireless for safety. After the photoshoot, we will easily review the photographs on a 70” projector screen to choose your favorite portraits.

What does your studio look like?

Of course! I encourage you and any family member you choose to be included in the portraits.

Will I be able to be in the photos with my dog?

Yes, I am happy to photograph your cat(s).  If your cat is more like a Garfield cat vs. a hide on top of the fridge when guests come over cat, then I think they would love the experience.  Keep in mind that my studio uses flash.

Do you Photograph Cats?

Your session fee includes traveling up to 30 miles from Denver. If you are outside of the area, additional travel is $1.25 a mile. If you have any questions about a session location, don't hesitate to contact me directly.

How far will you travel for a session?

If you have an unwell or elderly pet, I will do my best to prioritize my schedule for you and customize the session based on your pet’s needs. Emergency sessions incur an additional $75 fee. 

Do you offer emergency sessions?

As an owner of a black lab myself, I understand the challenges of photographing black dogs. I use my 15 years of experience to capture all dogs' personality and beautiful portraits, including black dogs.

Will You Be Able To Photograph My Black Dog?

I use professional photo labs with an award winning reputation to craft the highest quality artwork. Framed prints and canvases come ready to hang on your wall. I include free shipping to your home so all you need to do is unwrap your artwork, hang and enjoy!

What types of artwork do you offer?

High res digital files of ordered images are included in many of my packages.  I believe that your dog's photos deserve to live outside of just your phone and social media.  I want to help you get artwork of your pup up on your walls to show off the legends that they are!

Do you sell digital files?

A typical session with one dog takes two hours from the time that I pull up to your home to the time you complete your ordering session. I do not limit the amount of time that it takes to get great photos of your pup! Additional dogs will add time to your session.

How long are sessions?

My mobile studio uses professional studio lighting which allows me to capture the uniqueness of your dog’s coat and eyes that otherwise would not be possible.  My enclosed mobile studio helps ensure that your dog won't run off or have the distractions of photographing outdoors.

Do you photograph sessions outside?

I'm here to help

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