End-of-Life Pet Photographer Joins The Tilly Project | Denver Dog Photographer

March 10, 2023

Fetch Photo Truck is honored to announce its latest listing on The Tilly Project in Denver, Colorado. The Tilly Project is a platform that connects pet owners with end-of-life pet photographers across the world and provides support, education, and resources for photography, anticipatory grief, and pet loss/bereavement. As a mobile pet photography studio, Fetch Photo Truck is proud to be part of this community of pet photographers and to bring their services to pet owners in Denver.

The Tilly Project was founded with the goal of making end-of-life pet photography more accessible and less intimidating for pet owners. They understand that losing a pet can be a difficult and emotional experience, and that having quality photos of your pet can help provide comfort and preserve memories. This is where Fetch Photo Truck comes in – my mobile pet photography studio offers pet owners the opportunity to have professional photos taken of their pets in the comfort of their own home.

I believe that the mobile aspect of the studio will bring great relief to dog owners looking for photos of their pups in an at-home environment. Pet owners often struggle with the idea of bringing their pets to a photography studio and may find the process stressful for both themselves and their pets. With Fetch Photo Truck, pet owners can relax in the comfort of their own home while the mobile studio comes to them, bringing all the necessary equipment to capture the timeless photo of their furry friend.

I’m passionate about capturing the unique personalities of pets through photography. I believe that every pet is special and deserves to be honored with beautiful, professional photos that capture their essence. I’m dedicated to preserving memories of your pet that will last a lifetime.

For pet owners facing the end of their pet’s life, having quality photos to remember their pet can provide comfort and help in the grieving process. This is why I’m proud to be a part of The Tilly Project, where I can offer this unique service to pet owners during a difficult time. The Tilly Project provides resources and support for pet owners who are going through the process of losing their pet, and Fetch Photo Truck is honored to be a part of this community.

If you’re looking for high-quality, end-of-life or rainbow session pet photography, look no further than Fetch Photo Truck and The Tilly Project. Contact Ryan today to schedule a photo shoot for your furry friend.

Please enjoy and share the love of these beautiful senior pups. These sessions were not photographed through the project.