Top Tips for a Pawsitively Perfect Dog Portrait Session with Fetch Photo Truck

April 26, 2024

As Denver’s only mobile portrait studio for dogs, Fetch Photo Truck knows how important it is to capture your furry friend’s unique personality and spirit in a beautiful and meaningful way. Here are some key tips to ensure your session is a tail-wagging success:

Groom your dog – A clean and well-groomed dog shines in portraits. Brush their fur, trim any stray hairs (especially around the snout), and don’t forget to trim their nails. A bath a day or two prior to the session works wonders, but remember to avoid bathing on the same day to prevent overstimulation. Reach out to Zoomin Groomin, they’re a mobile pet spa that comes to you, just like me!

Bring their favorite toys and treats – To help your dog feel comfortable and relaxed during the session, bring their favorite toys and treats. These items can be used as incentives to encourage good behavior and to help them feel at ease.  Be sure that the treats are small (the size of your pinky nail).  Be sure to contact Lauren with Barkley and Blue for some special treats for the occasion! And stock up with bite sized treats and toys from Hero’s Pets in Littleton and Bonez 4 Budz in Central Park.

Outfits/Props – If you would like your dog to wear a special outfit or accessory in their photos, let Ryan know ahead of the session and bring it with you. It helps to choose an outfit that is comfortable for your dog and doesn’t restrict their movements.  Ryan will capture photos both with and without the accessories to give you options. Reach out to Ashley with Doggie Diggz for some cute attire!

Timing is Everything – Consider the best time of day for your dog’s portrait session. If you have a high-energy dog, consider scheduling the session after a good game of fetch to tire them out. 

Training Makes a Difference – If your dog has any behavioral issues, working with a professional trainer beforehand can do wonders. Training not only helps them behave during the session but also boosts their confidence and relaxation, which shines through in the photographs. Ryan uses studio flash for photos.  Let him know if your dog doesn’t react well to lightning or bright lights so he can best help prepare for the session.  Need a trainer?  Ask Ryan for some recommendations.

Seven dogs in studio with black backdrop

Patience is Key – Dogs are unpredictable and may not behave exactly as you would like them to during the session. It’s important to be patient and understanding, and to trust that Ryan will do his best to get the best results.

With Fetch Photo Truck, your dog’s comfort and happiness are our top priorities. We’re here to celebrate their unique personalities and the special bond you share. Whether you have a playful pup, a wise old dog, or a furry friend with unique needs, we’re dedicated to creating timeless artwork that you’ll cherish forever. Don’t wait any longer—book your portrait session today and let us bring the magic of Fetch Photo Truck right to your doorstep!